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Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Lancome Renergie Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Day Cream Review"

Very waxy :
One day I was shopping at the Lancome counter at the local mall inside of their Dillard's department store. It was on this day that I bought something that included a rather nice gift package bonus, well part of it was really nice, it came with some makeup, and a skin cream set. One of these creams was a full size jar of Lancome's Renergie day cream for anti-aging and firming, supposedly anyhow. I used this cream over my serum, and then on other occasions alone to see if it would make a difference in the way it felt, and it never made one lick of difference, which made me sad because it also contains parabens (a cancer causing substance found in most cosmetics unless they are all natural or organic) plus other harmful ingredients which since I have tried other Lancome products and enjoyed them I was willing to fore go for the benefits, if they outweighed the downfalls, which in this case they didn't so I slathered my face and neck in toxins for nothing. This product felt like I had added a layer of paraffin wax over my face and then shortly after applying as the product began to dry onto my skin it would roll off similar to how extremely exfoliating skin would, and at first I thought it was my skin exfoliating, but then quickly realized that it was the waxy residue, and not my skin at all, it was forming tiny wax balls that gently rolled together after applying, this also happened on my hands, and got all over my cell phone. So in closing, unless you want to feel like a wax work person in a Vincent Price movie..... nuff said.

Pros :
  • Would help keep your skin from getting wind chapped during the winter.... that is, if you 1) enjoy the feeling of chap stick all over your face, 2) pretending your a cold human candle,  3) pretending your face is a bee hive, 4) pretending your the worlds first and only living wax figure, or 5) all of the above. Teh hee, but seriously, in an emergency, it would help with the wind chapped skin problem a little, by creating a wax barrier the way chap stick does for lips, in effect would protect lips too.
Cons :
  • It costs a lot with little of the advertised effects.
  • Did not work the way advertised.
  • My skin basically looked the same afterwards.
  • Left a layer of waxy residue all over my face that was messy and terrible if you wanted to apply makeup afterwards.
  • The waxy residue also gets all over your hands.
  • The waxy residue makes a mess all over the bathroom or whatever room you decide to apply it in.
  • Contains Parabens (A cancery causing substance) and other bad for you ingredients.
Would I recommend this to a friend? Um, no.... that wouldn't be very friendly now would it? Unless of course my friend were going on a trip into the Alps. and needed protection from wind burn or skin chapping, lol.

I am not, was not, and will not be paid for my opinions on this product, though I do normally get paid for my opinions taking paid surveys via market research. So these are my true opinions, which I would especially give (because I'm honest) if I were being paid which as I stated I am not. I tell it like it is, so if you are offended by my opinion I am sorry to you if this happens to be your favorite or not, I will not get angry at you for that, so please don't get angry at me for thinking otherwise.

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